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Living an Unsafe Life

            Millions of people leave home everyday to go to work or school or even just to go out for a relaxing day just having fun. Most of them are certain they can return home whenever they want, but not in Palestine. One’s right to return home is just one of the basic human rights Palestinians aren’t sure of, and it’s probably one of the least serious human rights that is being violated daily in Palestine. Not too long ago, for example, Sara Asfour, a Palestinian living in Israel had her home taken over by Israeli soldiers who stayed there for an entire day, refusing to allow her to move freely about the home and refusing the family’s basic rights. She said that the soldiers stopped the family from doing even basic things in their own home, “including not allowing even the youngest children to use the restroom” (Personal Interview). The suffering and loss of basic, unalienable rights of Palestinians has gone on for many years, and only recently has it come to the forefront of world news, and many people around the world want something done to protect the Palestinians from further abuse; however, the best answer, the two state solution is being hampered and may not ever be accomplished.

            The abuse of the Palestinians is not new, however; actually it has gone on for quite some time. “History’s legacy created divisive issues between Palestinians and Israelis” (Mid East Web).  Since the time of the Romans, when the land now known as Israel was called Palestine until this very day, there has been conflict in that land between the Arabs and the Jews. In fact, around  “726,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled their homes in 1948” (Mid East Web). The conditions for the Palestinians went downhill after that. “Men and women in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and the diaspora have waged their struggle without flagging for more than 60 years” (Moor). The Palestinians who had to leave their homes, the refugees, moved to many places around the world, and their lives were never the same.

            One thing that has created terrible conditions for the Palestinians who remained was the closing of the borders of the territories by the Israelis. Often, families were separated by the closing of those borders, and other problems were associated with traveling around and going through the checkpoints manned by Israeli officials. When the Palestinian people “want to travel from one town to another, they have to submit to humiliating delays at checkpoints and roadblocks. There are more than 600 of them on the West Bank (Anderson). The closings had drastic effects on many different aspects of the lives of the Palestinians. “Checkpoints around Jerusalem made it difficult for Palestinians to get to work in Jerusalem and to travel between Palestinian towns” (Mid East Web). So, not only were the families some times torn apart, but for some people, their very ability to earn a living to support their families was gone.  The borders closing drastically reduced the Palestinian standard of living” (Mid East Web).

            Recent events have made things even worse. In 2008, , there was much violence in Gaza, ending in death for more than 1000 Palestinians and a 13 Israelis too.  While the death and the destruction of homes and businesses in Gaza are bad enough, what really happened could be much worse. Indeed,” Israel has been accused of using white phosphorus in attacks” (Rice). The results of using a weapon that is against the Geneva Convention causes horrible burns on the people it falls on, and that is certainly a violation of human rights. Thankfully, the Gaza war did not last long, but it caused many horrible problems while it was going on.

            Perhaps the biggest problem facing the Palestinians, though, in their search for their basic human rights is the continually growing number of Israeli settlements in land that should be theirs. The Palestinians were to live in the West Bank, but more and more Israeli settlers are moving there, and that is destroying any hope for a peaceful, two state solution. In fact, many Israeli settlers want there to be no peaceful solution in which the land of Palestine will be its own country again; they want there to be only the country of Israel in this place, and that is exactly why they settle in the regions which should belong to Palestinians only. A mayor of one such settlement, Daniella Weiss says it best: “settlements prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state in the land of Israel. This is the goal. And this is the reality” (qtd. in Anderson).

            In the end, however, it will take people who are not like Ms. Weiss to settle the question once and for all and to give the Palestinians a home again: their own nation of Palestine. What can be done? For now, it seems not much. Unfortunately, as Ahmed Moor says, not much is left for the Palestinians except for hope. His hopes are “that [the Israelis and Palestinians] can work to produce a state for all citizens, living freely and as equals in the land [they] now share. In Palestine today, there are no alternatives to hope” (Moor). For the sake of all the innocent people in the region, the rest of the world can also wait to see if one day his hopes are realized. Image

New LOOKS ;]

      Me and my little sister Jenny decided to do something crazy on Friday. We haven’t don’t anything crazy or stupid in awhile so we figured we would do something dramatic. We decided to dye our hair without telling anyone. We both have brown hair. I dyed mine JET black (the darkest black) and she tried to dye hers PLATINUM Blonde…It turned out to be a reddish blonde. When we showed everyone it was pretty funny to see their reactions. My mom thought it was nice but different. All my friends thought we were crazy. My sister and I aren’t the only ones who got a new look. My room got a new look too..well Is getting a new look…I use to have the smallest room in the house and my older brother  Willy had the second biggest room with a bathroom. He recently moved out and now I m taking his room. I am painting it BLUE…its called TROPICAL SPLASH blue….REALLY pretty. I bought black furniture which will arrive on December 3rd. I can’t wait to put my new room together! I have always wanted my room blue and now I’m FINALLY getting it! 

       This week I have been taking over for the teacher I work for…Like I have mentioned before I am a teachers assistant at the High School I graduated from. I Assist the 2nd and 3rd Grade teacher. She had surgery Monday so hasn’t been coming to school. I am getting A LOT of experience on my own. Tomorrow I have a lot for my students to do. One thing they are going to do is make a Thanksgiving POSTER…They are going to color things that relate to Thanksgiving and then write on the poster things they are thankful for! I am excited! :]

       One thing that has been on my mind is the relationship between my and my sister Sally…I always have her back and she always talks to me when shes upset but I never feel like I could talk to her. I always feel like she wants to make me look down. I don’t know if it is jealousy or competition, but she always has something to say about me…ESPECIALLY in front of people. When my mom and I argue she ALWAYS calls me immature and SOMETIMES I’m not wrong. She always picks on me and my brother agrees. My brother Willy is 23 and he fights with her too. He always tells her I love you but you have NO RESPECT and are REALLY selfish! All she ever says back is “THATS WHAT YOU THINK LOOK IN THE MIRROR”…She NEVER admits shes wrong! Me and my sister are different but the same. We are both VERY outspoken and tell it how it is…the difference is she is a real GIRLY the color pink LOVES shopping…those type of things…I am different I love the beach I hate shopping..I love the color blue…I love sports..I wear tshirt and jeans…NO HIGH HEALS…So she looks at me like I’m LOWER! It pisses me off! I would think she should be acting more mature and care more about my feeling knowing she is getting married in 8 months and MOVING to Texas! She should at least TRY! She wonders why I get pissed and yell things to her like” JUST MOVE ALREADY!” Ughh I donno…I love her but she never cares about my feelings.she never sits them and tries to UNDERSTAND why I can’t get along with her! I donno…Lets hope things Change…

         Alright I got a BIG day tomrrow…TEACHING then Painting ALL DAY! Wish me Luck ;]

Love and Hate

I work at a private school as an assistant teacher. I LOVE it because i want to get a degree in Early Childhood Education…BUT…The teacher I ASSIST..PISSES THE HELL out of me. Last year I volunteered for a teacher and she did nothing but tell people how GREAT of a helper I was and she can’t believe how talented I am at such a young age. One time I took over for her and the teacher who was helping me take over asked me how old I was and was in shock when she found out I was just a Senior! This year it is different! This teacher HATES me…now..she won’t SAY IT..but she does…she actually hates EVERYONE..every teacher has problems with her. She is just plain rude! She speaks to me as if I was one of the students. I do a lot for her! I make copies for her…help the kids who don’t understand certain things as she teaches…make sure there homework gets sent home…type of announcements…and every time she sees me complete a task she looks SHOCKED..but doesn’t make me feel shes happy? She says THANK YOU so happily but then in the end of the day she says “TODAY WAS A LITTLE ROUGH BUT WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!” Get through WHAT? I feel this year is going pretty smoothly…Its been almost 3 months and I still don’t get a GREAT JOB TODAY WAS GREAT! Maybe I’m just being stupid!…Anyways this makes it sound like I hate my job but TRUST ME..I LOVE MY JOB! Those kids make me soo happy! ;] Nothing ANYONE says will make me change my major! ❤

Hello Blog World ;]

Hey everyone! I’m Jazzel! You can just call me Jazzi. I am Palestinian/ Venezuelan and I’m Muslim. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I have blogged before but chose to create a new blog. Anyways…Here I go! On November 13th it was my 19th birthday. I spent most of the day with family and a part of the day with some of my closest friends. At 6:30am me and my two younger sisters Mia (16) and Jenny(14) went riding the horses. My sisters each have one horse. Jenny’s horse name is Faye and Mia’s horse is Amir. They are BEAUTIFUL arabian horses. Anyways, we went to feed them and ride them. My sisters spend most of their time training their horses but all i know how to do is steer a horse-BARELY ;] I try though :] As I was riding Amir my sister Mia was taking pictures of me and Jenny on the horses. All of a sudden Amir started RUNNING. I can barley stay on him when he trots so I panicked and started creaming “MIA!” Mia tried to keep up with the horse but couldn’t. The horse then bucked me off, meaning, he used his butt to throw me off. I flew in the air and landed a few feet away. Now, this may sound DEADLY, but don’t worry all my bones are not broken. I am only sore. My sisters rushed to me and then realized I was laughing/crying. I was a little hurt but I couldn’t help but laugh at what had happened. I got up after a few minutes and thanked Amir for the amazing birthday gift he gave me. I eventually got back on the horse and rode again. I love haning out with my sisters. Me and my younger sisters always get into crazy trouble. My two odler sisters are more into shopping and chatting…were more lest jsut say ADVENTUROUS! Me and my younger sister Jenny once built a raft and went out into the bayou and tried to paddle to the ocean. We came back home 6 hours later with blood all over us and mud. Our mom saw us and freeked. She had to remove a piece of glass from my finger and wrap my sister’s sliced hand. If your wondering why we were so cut up…it was because of oyster shells. I still have scars. It was SOO MUCH FUN THOUGH. Once me and my sister Mia went on a jet skii and did crazy stunts. I ended up falling off the jet skii and she ran me over with her jet skii. I almost had to get surgery on my face because my tearing was constand and my face swole up. It was fun though! Here is a pic of us on the horses.

Me(Left) Jenny (Right)

The rest of the day we went and took pics at the beach and than I ate dinner with some friends. Then I went to my aunt’s hosue and had cake there. Great Birhtday! :]